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June 22, 2021
2:00 pm EST

Note: There WILL be a replay link sent out after the workshop that will work for 24 hours but, trust me, you NEED to be there live so plan for that if you can!

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In this 1-hour training you'll

I know you're wanting to create a course but you either...

Feel like you don’t know where to start OR feel like you don’t have the audience or the knowledge to get it done.

But, trust me, I’m about to change all of that for you!

you're in the right place.

This Workshop is a Must Attend if...

A Personal Invitation from Moi, Jessica Stansberry

Hey howdy Hey! If we’re just meeting, ‘sup, I’m Jessica (you can call me Jess, Jessie, J, Stansberry, I legit don’t care, ha) and after creating a METRIC CRAP TON of courses, having launches completely flop (like, literally selling zero), having six-figure courses under my belt, I know a thang or two about doing this.

I went from a burnt-out web designer to an infopreneur / course creator and it completely changed my life and business because I work when I want and I make more money than I ever did and I want YOU to have a piece of that pie too.


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