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teaches you how to create content via blogging, YouTubing or Podcasting to grow your business and your bottom-line.

So, imagine if you created content that grew your email list, your social media platforms, and your income while making you the expert in your field!

does this sound like you?

Spending hours creating blog and social media posts but NEVER seeing the return.

WANTING passive income but not knowing where to start or how to do it.

Wondering whether you should have a podcast or a blog or a YouTube channel or if it’s all a waste of time.

content will grow your brand like *woah* and it doesn't have to be hard

I hear it all the time, seriously...

“I’m so burnt out because I’m creating content but it’s going nowhere!”

“How can I make money from my blog, YouTube channel, or podcast?”

“How do I use my content to drive sales to my programs and products?”

“Why am I not growing online like I want to!?!”

I'm guessing you feel this way, too?

You see everyone else killing it with content creation: posting consistently, sharing things that get shared, promoting their content, and making sales with ease – everything you want for your own business. In fact, you feel like if you could finally nail down content creation your business would be booming.

You want big things for your business, but you feel like your struggles with content creation, and everything involved, is holding you back.

Making sales and growing your brand through content creation does not have to be hard, at all.

Take a minute to imagine

What would it be like if you...

Could sit down and start planning your content with ease because it’s finally fun

Confidently knew exactly what to post and create because you have a strategy in place

Felt excited to put yourself and your business out there 

Saw limitless possibilities on how you can use your content to share your message, reach more people, make sales, and finally start growing your business.

sound impossible?

it isn't, but here's what most people miss...

It’s not about just putting content out into the world, it’s not really even about creating perfectly “pretty” content or having the best YouTube or podcasting equipment.

See, most people focus on the absolute WRONG things when it comes to content creation.

So, if it’s not about having “the best” content and it’s not about actually putting content out into the world, then what should you be focusing on to make this work for you?

you've got to combine massive strategy (that not many people talk about) with the right content platform for your audience, and content that helps solve and problem, and that will create the perfect storm.

Create, convert, grow

A step-by-step process to strategically create content that converts to sales and grows your business, with instructions for THREE different content-creation platforms – YouTube, Blogging, Podcasting.

This isn’t your average course.

It’s actually going to help you strategically create content to convert to sales and moolah, not just create it for creations sake!

Consider this your keys to income and influence without much effort
curious about the content?

here's what we'll cover

Module 1

Which platform is right for you?

In this module you’ll learn which type of content you should be creating – what’s right for YOU, your business model and the people you’re trying to attract.

I’ll walk you through how to decide on the correct platform and point you in the right direction so you’re not wasting time on content that won’t help you.

Module 2

platform-specific strategy

regardless of which platform you pick – YouTube, Podcasting, or blogging, I’m going to take you step-by-step through the strategy for that specific platform.

Heck, wanna learn how to do them all? This module has you covered!

Module 3

What should you talk about?

This is probably the BIGGEST problem I see with content creators – they’re not talking about the RIGHT things so their content isn’t reaching the right people or accomplishing the things they’re hoping to accomplish.

Let’s walk through what you should be creating content ABOUT that will actually WORK for you.

Module 4

linking content & growth

Ok, ok, it’s one thing to CREATE content but how does that content actually help you grow?!? In this module imma help you tie your content strategy to your growth plan, so, regardless of what your business model is, you’ll learn LOADS about taking content from just content to content that leads to results.

Module 5


Ok, you’ve figured out how to create content that leads to sales and authority but how do you make that keep GROWING and how do you take one piece of content and make it work for you over and over and over again? That’s scaling and we’ll cover it!

Canva - Turned-on Silver Imac on Desk
Canva - Minimalist Home Desk Workspace
Module 6


I’m a BIG believer in not letting content creation take over your life, so, I’ll teach you my batching strategies and secrets so, regardless of the type of content you’ll be creating, you can batch it out and live your life.

Module 7


Nobody is gonna know you’ve created this awesome content if you don’t share it on social media and other platforms, but that seems like a lot of work, right?

We round out the course with strategies for distributing your content across platforms without it taking over your life.

Canva - Desk Organizer Flatlay


This course is packed with tons of information to help you out with making the most of your content! There’s a bonus module about incorporating affiliate income into your content so you can double-down on the moolah earned; I brought a Pinterest strategist in for a live training that you will get access to + 5 other live training recordings on SEO, funnels and more!


Just uploaded my first search driven youtube video. I attempted to have a channel last year, but had zero direction as far as what kind of content to post. I got burned out after a few months because I was putting in work, but it was pointless & had no strategy (mostly just lifestyle content & product reviews because I didn’t know what else to do!). Really looking forward to seeing how things are different now that I have an actual plan & strategy.

- Ashley Miller | Just Gorgeous Darling Boutique
here's what's included
my strategy

Steal all of my tips and tricks that I’ve been successfully putting to work for my business for years.


Once you’ve learned about a specific strategy, we’ll walk through how to start implementing for your own business.


Learn how to plan for future content and content that actually makes a difference!

bonus trainings

Learn how to use Pinterest to share your content along with trainings on affiliate marketing, funnels, SEO, and more!

Facebook community

A community where you can get 1:1 support and accountability both from me and other course members.

resource trainings

I’m not just telling you what I use to run my own content creation strategy, but I’m showing you how to use them, too.

if that's not enough, there's more!

let's talk about the bonuses

pinterest training ($197 value)

This training was specifically developed for students inside CCG so it’s a content creator’s best friend and you’ll learn SO MUCH about how to use Pinterest to share your content even more.

workbook ($97 value)

This workbook was developed as part of a high-end group program I hosted and gives you prompts and worksheets to plan your content in the right ways.

affiliate marketing training ($197 value)

I am a firm believer in diversifying your income so I wanted to include a training that will help you incorporate affiliate links into your content so you’re not only making money from your own products and services, but also from the sale of other people’s products.

here's what you can expect

when you join us inside the course
step-by-step guidance

This isn’t a fluffy course, we’re diving DEEP into the actually steps it takes to create content for your brand. Whether you are a podcaster, YouTuber, or blogger, you’ll get the handholding you need in this course.

create your plan

You’ll leave the course with a plan in your pocket to create content that converts to sales so your brand, your authority, and your income grows on autopilot!

lightbulb moments

SO many lightbulb moments are gonna happen in this course – I can promise that you’ve never heard content creation talked about like this before!

the investment

When you sign up today, right away you’ll get access to: 

7 core module trainings + worksheets to put the training to action
A bonus Affiliate Marketing Module
6 additional bonus classes

Private Facebook community for all students

in total, that's worth over $2,000

my guarantee

get started and take action in 30 days

Listen, I KNOW this works, I’ve done and so have hundreds of clients and students and I’m SO confident that I want to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee, here’s the deets:

Take the course, implement the strategies for at least 60 days, and, if it doesn’t work and you can prove that you DID the work (we will ask for proof of several strategies that were implemented and consistent content) and it doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you ALL yo’ money back.

about the lady behind the screen

hi, I'm jessica stansberry.

I started my business WAY back in 2010 as a self-taught blog/web designer and for 5 years I WISHED I didn’t have to spend 90% of my time trying to find that next client, but, alas, that’s what I did.

Until, I didn’t anymore.

In late 2015, I started creating all sorts of content – blog posts, podcast episodes and, a few months later, YouTube videos and, low and behold, the thing I had wished would happen for YEARS started happening – I started growing on autopilot! My email list, my authority, my income – ALL OF IT, just freakin’ grew!

I started getting asked to speak at industry conferences, I started gaining leads on autopilot, and I started making money while I was sleeping – AND – it wasn’t a fluke, I 100% know how I did it, how it happened and how to duplicate it, which is exactly why I created Create, Convert, Grow!


frequently asked questions

absolutely! content creation isn’t just a one-way street and it can be used to help SO MANY business models grow.

Yes! OMG, yes, you can use this and you can stand out above competitors because very few product based businesses use these strategies.

It’s self-paced, so if you wanted to watch the whole thing in one day, you can!

are you ready to create content that converts to sales and grows your income and authority on autopilot?

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