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Is this pop-up party perfect for you?

Are you business owner who wants to leverage your
following, even if it’s tiny, to make more sales

Maybe you have a decent following but you
really don’t know how to make them buy from you.

Does it feel like you’re talking to crickets online?

You don’t even know where to get started with growing a following.

You see people organically selling and being “real”
on social media but you don’t know how to start doing that.

Let’s party like a 6-figure rockstar baby!

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Here's how it's going to work...

I want to PERSONALLY invite you to the party...

Wassup?!? I’m Jessica and I LOVE a good party, don’t you? In this popup party Facebook group, I’m going to take you through #allthethings you need to do/know to create a base of followers – small or large – who just love you and want what you have to sell and want to listen to what you have to say.

See, I believe in this so much:

– Creating a COMMUNITY of people who hang out with me online is the only way my business continues to grow.

– There are people in my audience who have bought EVERYTHING I’ve ever had to offer for the last 5 years – no joke.

– I know how to create a balance of business and friendship online so people feel like you’re BFFs.

And now, I know when I launch something, there will always be people who buy it.

I’ve done this with 200 “followers” and I’ve done this with hundreds of thousands, it’s the same process, and I want to teach you my ways.

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