Get started on YouTube that RIGHT way so you’re setup for success from the get-go.


THE toolkit to get your booty started on YouTube the RIGHT WAY. 

Learn #allthethings you need to start, setup, and thrive on YouTube.

Whether you’ve already started but you just didn’t do it right – OR – you’re ready to start and need a guide, the YouTube Starter Toolkit is PERFECT for you.



Comprehensive guide on starting from scratch.

If you haven’t even told YouTube you want a channel yet, this module will give you everything you need!


How to setup your channel THE RIGHT WAY with strategic practices.

Don’t just throw spaghetti at the wall! There is a RIGHT way to setup your channel and I’m spilling the beans and showing you things you never knew before so you can get that channel setup and ready to POP!


A tour of the YouTube Studio

The backend of YouTube can get CONFUSING! No more, not when you’ve got a literal tour guide helping you understand it better.


Full module on how to UPLOAD the right way.

Did you know that it’s not just as simple as hitting the upload button on YouTube? There’s things you need to do, practices you need to practice, etc. 


Checklists to help you along the way!

Want a checklist to help you remember how to setup your channel? done! What about an uploading or equipment list? They’re here too! If it’s a process you need to repeat, there’s a checklist to help!

Don’t let a poorly setup channel deter your success (cause it will)…

Does that not sound freakin’ amazing?

Revive an old channel

Even if your channel was setup 10,000 years ago and you’ve never done anything to it (or you’ve not done anything to it in 10,000 years) this toolkit will help you revive that bad boy!


Not even started? Cool, you’re gonna be ahead of the pack!

Learn things you never knew before!

I can promise you that you’ll learn so much strategy for $37 that your mind will be blown.


Wasted Time....

Wasted Money....

Frustration Etc....

You don’t want to let a channel that’s not  set up right  Stop you from being able to grow the channel and be the YouTuber  of your dreams do you !?

Holy banana boats, there are BONUSES!

Pick your niche BONUS MODULE

The most important thing you can do to grow your channel is to make sure you get started on the right foot with the right niche. Heck, just HAVING a niche is hard. This bonus training will walk you through everything you need to know!

Thumbnails 101

The often-overlooked, VERY IMPORTANT part of YouTube! I am taking you through the 101 version of thumbnails on YouTube and how you should be strategically creating them to grow!


You’re gonna get a Channel Art template AND a video description template so you can get started EVEN QUICKER…save time baby, that’s my motto.

Holy bananas Batman, you’re gonna LOVE how your channel looks after this.

I wish I wouldn’t have just pieced things together, I wish I would have known exactly how to setup a channel for success from the very beginning. This is NOT something to sleep on.