Introducing YouTube Rockstars

Wanna use YouTube to grow your brand, authority, and income?!?

I’m guessing you just screamed, “YES!”, amiright? Well, YouTube Rockstars is gonna be PERFECT for you.

In 2016, I was doing EVERYTHING I possibly could to grow my business...

 I was posting in Facebook groups like it was my job, posting on Instagram, being interviewed on every podcast I could and I still wasn’t growing.
NOBODY KNEW WHO I WAS and my brand was just stagnant, not really growing.
 #alltheexperts will tell you to do video, be present on Instagram stories, post reels, host a Facebook group, start a podcast – there’s advice flying at you to “fix” your business from so many “gurus,” but, here’s the thing, MOST advice is based on the chance that you’ll go viral, but not YouTube, there’s a proven strategy to growth and ANYBODY CAN DO IT.

this is why I created youtube rockstars.

It’s a no BS system that will help you grow a channel that grows your brand so you have people BEGGING to buy from you, brands throwing their products at you, and an email list that won’t know what hit it.

Youtube Rockstars is perfect for you if...

1. Your ideal client/customer ever searches for anything on Google or YouTube

2. You think video might be a good next step for you.

3. You’ve started a YouTube channel before and it flopped like a pancake.

4. You’re ready to do SOMETHING to grow your business.

5. You want to create content that sells for you while you sleep and works for you 24/7.


You check your email and it’s FULL of sales receipts, requests for YOU to be a guest on someone’s podcast, fan mail, brands wanting to work with you, and even companies wanting to have YOU as a speaker at their conference or event.

Not only that, but more and more people know who you are and know exactly how you can help them.

So, your bottom line is growing like crazy, you’re filling webinars with record attendees, and viewers are begging you to help them.

Money is literally falling in your lap because as you put out videos, more and more people find you, even while you’re sleeping – AND – even when the videos are a few years old.

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Youtube rockstars is a packed-full-6-phase course specifically designed for brands and business owners.

You’ll learn the secret sauce behind YouTube success, be given the secret key to the techy parts (editing, uploading, and more), AND you’ll walk through the 6 phases:

Phase 1 | The Launch Plan

How to launch or RE-launch your channel for success.

The Launch Plan
Setting up for Success

Phase 2 | Setting Up for Success

How to set up every.single.piece of your channel to optimize it for success.

Phase 3 | Filming

Lighting, audio, video, scripting, OH MY!


Phase 4 | Optimization

The literal secret sauce to getting found on YouTube and getting YOUR channel found.

Phase 5 | Maintenance + Growth

Top-secret strategies to grow beyond the launch.

Maintenance and Growth

Phase 6 | Lead Generation + Sales + Other Income streams

How to sell, grow your list, and make residual income like woah.

All of that is awesome, but, ya know what makes this even cooler?!?

This is the 2.0 of this program and it has been COMPLETELY revamped to make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date information

Oh, and you get some pretty-freakin-epic bonuses!


training: Camera Confidence

Don’t let your fear of being on camera stop you from YouTube! I’m breaking down exactly how to feel more comfortable on camera in this bonus training.




A breakdown of exactly how I hit 100k and what you can learn from it to grow your own channel.




Adsense isn’t the only way to make money from YouTube – and in this case study, I’m giving you all the deets on how I made $30,000 from 2 YouTube videos. 



be entered to win a youtube starter kit!

Everyone who buys during this launch will be entered to win my personal YouTube Starter Kit, which includes a Sony ZV1 Camera, a Neewer Ring Ling and a Neewer Tripod to up your filming game! (1 winner chosen)


Hear about it for yourself!


it doesn't matter if you're a:

-Product-Based Business
-Service provider
-Course-based business
-Digital Product creator
-Seasoned business owner
-Have never watched YouTube before
-Have TRIED to grow and haven’t been successful
if you want to turn youtube into a money-making, lead-generating, sales machine, you can do it with the help of youtube rockstars.

$500 off through 11/12!

Get started for $175 now

for real though:

youtube is going to drastically change the trajectory of your business and brand, hide and watch!

you're getting $500 off!
The course has been completely revamped and is a full 2.0 version that’s never been seen before.
You’ll get instant-access to TONS of friends who are doing the dern thang right along side you.
The system taught inside YouTube Rockstars is proven to be successful over and over again.
YouTube Rockstars is DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU, as a business owner and brand who wants to use YouTube to grow.

Stop wasting time and spending ALL your energy on gaining followers who don’t want to buy from you and start cultivating raving fans who want to THROW money your way.

payment plans:


are you worried you don't have the time?

Inside YTR I’m going to walk you through batching, editing, and everything you need to know to get this done without losing your mind because you’ve got A LOT to do as CEO.


Here’s the deal: I believe so very much in the information in this course that I will give you a 100% refund if the course doesn’t work for you. Now, I’m not here to accept excuses though (you should know that about me), so, if you would like a refund, you have to show proof (via worksheets, screenshots and public proof) that you have completed the actions recommended in the course and that it did not work with at least 3 months of consistency. I KNOW this will work for you.

frequently asked questions

OMG, yes, I wish I would have been on YouTube when I was actually providing services; the amount of times per week I get asked “Can I just hire you to do this for me?” from someone who found me on YouTube is insane!

Honestly, the ONLY type of business that I can think of where YouTube wouldn’t massively help grow it is if you are hyper-location-focused. Like, if you can only do business in a small part of the world, YouTube, which is a global platform, is probably not for you. But, that being said, you could come up with ways to monetize the platform even if that’s the case.

Yup, please refer to the money-back policy above.

You’ll be given access to my Hustle & Grit Club membership and Facebook group for free! You’ve got access to me and my team inside the group to get all of your questions answered!

OMG, yes, and actually, I think you’ll have a leg up on the competition because, inside the course, not only do I give you EVERY.PIECE. of knowledge you’ll ever need to grow on YouTube but I also give you bits and pieces of how to use the platform to grow your email list and THAT is a strategy not enough YouTubers are taking advantage of. Yes, the answer is yes, you need this

ready to do this thing?

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