Imagine being able to take all the guesswork out of starting and growing a YouTube channel

YouTube Rockstars is THE course to help you start and grow a YouTube channel that grows every aspect of your business!

Imma look into my crystal ball…

You KNOW you need SOMETHING to really drive traffic to your business.

Something about YouTube perks your ears up like a cute little Golden Doodle and you kinda want to get started.

It feels TOO freakin’ daunting to learn how to use YouTube on your own.


You’ve tried to:

  • Upload videos to YouTube on your own.
  • Figure out how it all works.
  • Find your content creation platform of choice.
  • Ignore the pull to start that channel because you don’t have time.

But, well, nothing has worked!


You know there’s a better way to grow a business and gain a following than trudging through overdone hashtags on Instagram and hanging out in Facebook groups that never actually yield results.

It feels like other people are growing faster than you can even get started and you’re feeling frustrated and like NOTHING YOU DO IS RIGHT!


I’ve watched SO many people get started on YouTube and

✅ Have ZERO clue what they’re doing.

✅ Go at it without a plan.

But, they’re making a HUGE mistake…

YouTube isn’t a platform you can just “wing”, it’s not a platform that will grow without putting in a massive amount of work and knowledge of how the algorithm works – BUT – it’s also not a platform that’s empty and pointless, it can be a LIFE CHANGING move to start a YouTube channel and it makes me sad to know that you may not be taking advantage of it’s awesomeness OR you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re sitting there nodding your head and thinking “YESSSS, are you talking to me?!?”
If you’ve tried to start a YouTube channel and it’s not growing.
If you’re looking for your perfect content creation platform.
If you’re thinking that there’s GOT to be an easier way to get more eyeballs on your brand.

This is the answer to your prayers!

YouTube changed my life, my business, and my income. Imagine if you could say the same thing in just a few months!

How would your business be different if...

  • Your IDEAL client just found you, without you having to go out and search for them.
  • Your email list (and social media platforms) grew by THOUSANDS every single month.
  • You got asked to speak at conferences and were seen as an expert in your industry automatically.
  • Sales happened while you slept!

I am here to tell you:

  • YouTube is one of the best ways to hit your goals FASTER.

  • Figuring out the platform does NOT have to be hard.

  • You can start growing on the platform and have customers and clients KNOCKING DOWN YOUR DOORS.

That's why I created
YouTube Rockstars!

The course that will teach you:

  • How to setup/start your channel THE RIGHT WAY.
  • Editing techniques.
  • The art of keyword research and optimizing your videos for search.
  • The secret strategies that make YouTube channels EXPLODE.

What's included in YouTube Rockstars?!?

Get Setup For Success

Learn how to start your channel the RIGHT way so there’s a solid foundation to build on.

Master the Tech

Learn how to edit and film your videos like a PRO without a huge tech-hangover.

Optimize it!

YouTube videos are doing you NO good if you’re not a master optimizer.You’ll learn keyword strategy and ALL THE PIECES that make your videos perform well.

Launch like a Rockstar!

The launch of your channel is one of the most important things you can do for the success on the channel!

Maintenance & Growth

You’ll have all the tools you need to continue to grow your channel and EASILY maintain it.

Lead Generation

One of the MOST important pieces of of using YouTube to grow a business is gathering leads and growing your email list. Ninja tricks.

With 6 phases and the most in-depth tutorials you’ll ever find on YouTube in one place AND worksheets, tutorials, AND A Trello board to keep up with it all, you’ll think somebody just handed you the keys to success.

And, well, I did!

NEWLY updated, get the course now for just…


payment options available


Here’s the deal: I believe so very much in the information in this course that I will give you a 100% refund if the course doesn’t work for you. Now, I’m not here to accept excuses though (you should know that about me), so, if you would like a refund, you have to show proof (via worksheets, screenshots and public proof) that you have completed the actions recommended in the course and that it did not work with at least 3 months of consistency. I KNOW this will work for you.

Get INSTANT access to YouTube Rockstars NOW!

And learn how to create a channel that builds your brand, grows your following, increasing your authority, and makes you MO’ MONEY HONEY.

Lemme tell ya a little about my YouTube story...

In 2016, I was a burnt out web designer looking for a way to get off the “get a client, design a website, finish their project, find another client” hamster wheel. I wanted clients to just FIND me, I didn’t want to have to constantly be on the lookout. 

I started publishing tech tutorial on YouTube and, well, one thing lead to another and they started gaining popularity without me even knowing what I was doing.

In 2017,  I dove HEAD FIRST into learning YouTube strategy and now, 82,000 subscribers (and growing) later, the platform changed my business, changed my life, and DRASTICALLY increased my income and, ya know, when something is THAT awesome, you want to tell people about it!

I almost waited until I “lost the weight”, I almost didn’t start because “other people were doing it”, and I almost quit 1,000 times because “it wasn’t working” but now, I can’t imagine where my business would be without YouTube.

You've got questions, I've got answers!

OMG, yes, I wish I would have been on YouTube when I was actually providing services; the amount of times per week I get asked “Can I just hire you to do this for me?” from someone who found me on YouTube is insane!

Honestly, the ONLY type of business that I can think of where YouTube wouldn’t massively help grow it is if you are hyper-location-focused. Like, if you can only do business in a small part of the world, YouTube, which is a global platform, is probably not for you. But, that being said, you could come up with ways to monetize the platform even if that’s the case.

Yup, please refer to the money-back policy above.

There is a Facebook group specifically for YouTube Rockstar students! You’ve got access to me and my team inside the group to get all of your questions answered!

OMG, yes, and actually, I think you’ll have a leg up on the competition because, inside the course, not only do I give you EVERY.PIECE. of knowledge you’ll ever need to grow on YouTube but I also give you bits and pieces of how to use the platform to grow your email list and THAT is a strategy not enough YouTubers are taking advantage of. Yes, the answer is yes, you need this.

NEWLY updated, get the course now for just…


payment plan available